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The e-Parliament @ Kuala Pilah website project developed by Teratotech Sdn Bhd in collaboration with the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, KKLW and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, MOSTI.


This web page provides access to the local community, especially the constituency of Kuala Pilah to communicate and interact directly regarding any problems and local issues to the Kuala Pilah MP, YB Dato Hasan Malek via Short Messaging Service, SMS and also thru Web.


In addition, this website also includes important informations of Kuala Pilah which is famous for its unique Pepatih Traditional Folk community . It also provides contact numbers of various authorities and statutory bodies.


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Statistik Laporan

  • A = Sosial
  • B = Infrastruktur
  • C = Pelbagai
  • D = Kepimpinan
  • E = Kacau Ganggu
  • F = Alam Sekitar

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